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Eurocryor presents the Stili range, born from the restyling of the serve-over edged cabinets, Panorama, Bistrot, Visualis and PrimoPiano and of the self-service Gemini and Gemini Kristal models.

Stili is a combination of flexibility and customisation, designed to furnish butcher shops, delicatessens, fishmongers and pastry shops, as well as the specialist areas of stores. The new family boasts a completely renewed structure of the cabinets and an in-depth technical study in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics.

The strong point of Stili are the new methods of presentation, thanks to the cabinets that have been customised in every detail, from the shapes to the dimensions, from the materials to the finishes. Eurocyror offers cabinets with measurements to the millimetre, to be able to meet any design requirement, even the most complex. It also avails of an infinite collection of textures, which range from the material ones such as stone and stainless steel, to laminates, to solutions such as as Corian® and Dekton®, a guarantee of maximum hygiene for the rear counter and worktop.

With Eurocryor, thanks to technology, perfect presentation merges with the best preservation. Among the innovations stands out Dynamic System that maintains the moisture of the meat at values above 90% without the use of humidifiers and without the need to put consumables back into cold rooms overnight. Worthy of note is also the Adaptive System, which regulates the operating parameters of the cabinet with continuous adaptation to the environmental variations and ensures the best performance in terms of stability of the temperature and maintaining the moisture constant inside the cabinets and consequent reduction in consumption.

The search for the perfect interaction between product, consumer and operator is behind the   traditional models Panorama and Bistrot, whose strong points are minimalism and versatility. Thanks to the numerous modules that can be combined with each other, ranging from the semi-vertical to the tower to the hot table, these furnishings attract the Customer’s eye and emphasise the assortment and quality of the fresh foods

Furthermore, PrimoPiano sets itself apart for a special display level that attracts the customer to the articles and thereby guarantees maximum perception of quality, from all perspectives.

Customisation also embraces a study to facilitate the work of the operators. The maximum expression of this strategy is Visualis, designed to merge the visibility of the products with the maximum comfort of the operators during loading, servicing and assistance to the customer. The technical measures implemented include a tilted ergonomic support surface without protruding sections, which encourages an optimal approach to the deck and which, together with dedicated accessories and to the sliding worktop, ensures a rational use of space.

Finally, the self-service semi-vertical cabinets Gemini stand out for rich transparency, which, above all, in the Kristal version, shed light on the products, highlight their freshness, thanks to terminal end, shelves, and back that are almost invisible. The range integrates the display of fresh foods within the cabinet with the display of dry articles on the top of the cabinet, to increase cross-merchandising.