About us

Eurocryor: customisable premium refrigerated cabinets for every need

Eurocryor is the brand of the Epta Group that proposes refrigerated cabinets with cutting-edge design and merchandising as well as superior pre and after-sales services, to furnish and customise prestigious stores.

Eurocryor branded solutions merge design with the most sophisticated technology, enhancement of the product on display by preservation of the ogranoleptic properties taste and flavour are enhanced. Always focusing on the uniqueness of each store and the specificity of its assortment: this is what “all-round customisation” means for Eurocryor.

Design meets technology!

Eurocryor offers excellent solutions that not only satisfy the furnishing needs in terms of design, but also food storage. The brand uses different technologies to offer excellent refrigeration that is specific to each of the different products, from fresh meat, to pastry and gastronomy.

An exclusive placement that also includes an exceptional customer service. An evolution that reflects the desire of the brand to be the ideal partner for the client who is in the process of shop renovation, from the definition of solutions designed ad hoc, to its completion, becoming a reference point for consumers.

Pure Italian Style” is the leitmotiv with which Eurocryor affirms its constant search for excellence, articulated in the elegance of design, as well as technological innovation. Expression of the creative talent of Made in Italy, known and appreciated worldwide, Eurocryor merges aesthetics and techniques, reinterpreting traditions to offer solutions designed ad hoc and to enhance each category of fresh products, in any display context.

DEDICATED TO YOUR EXCELLENCE – The ideal partner for perfect presentation and storage of the products

Dedicated to your store

Eurocryor supports shops specialised in defining a unique and distinctive visual identity proposing new methods of customised presentation through quality solutions with attention to every detail. Because each shop is unique!

Dedicated to your fresh food

With Eurocryor, perfect display marries best product storage. The brand offers specific storage technologies for each type of product, such as meat, fruit and vegetables, cured meat and cheese, pastry products and bread, in the name of freshness and preservation of their organoleptic characteristics.

Dedicated support

Customisation also embraces assistance and service, “made to measure” for every need. Eurocryor clients can rely on a Team of specialists, able to support them at every stage, from design to after-sales service.

ISO certifications and Integrated Management Systems

Epta Group, through its Eurocryor brandactivity conforms to the guidelines established by the Group in its Integrated Management Systems. The aim is to align all procedures in order to rigorously pursue excellence in quality while fully respecting the environment and the community. Epta passionately invests in research for merchandising and refrigeration solutions, according to a Total Quality logic shared and acknowledged throughout the Group in every manufacturing step.

Compliance with high quality standards and the use of tests and controls to ensure the reliability of processes and products, is proved through the awarding of independent certification: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008  for the Company's Quality Management System, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 for the environmental management system (SGA) used for the Solesino site and lastly OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety.

It has been possible to integrate these three Management Systems into a single System in accordance with PASS 99.