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When it is necessary to renovate your store, Eurocryor can help you design your new furnishings providing refrigerated cabinets designed for gastronomy, rotisserie and bakery creating perfect displays of cheese, cured meat and ready-made cold and hot foods. Eurocryor solutions are designed to make the operator’s work easier thanks to made-to- measure solutions and dedicated accessories that facilitate maintenance and cleanliness. Discover the range of aesthetic solutions of the Eurocryor refrigerated cabinets: different types of display modules, design finishes, lighting which emphasises the quality of the products, and new technologies like the adaptive system that manages temperature and humidity guaranteeing the freshness of fresh cheese, fresh pasta and cured meat over time.

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There is no limit to the shape and materials to choose from when furnishing your new design of pastry bar! The high quality Eurocryor refrigerated cabinets offer the perfect storage and excellent display of pastries, cakes and chocolates. Discover the Eurocryor models for your refrigerated cabinet dedicated to pastry: towers, multi-level, extra clear glass and lighting designed to highlight your culinary creations.

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Eurocryor branded refrigerated cabinets satisfy the needs of any butcher shop and delicatessen because they guarantee perfect storage of the products displayed thanks to new technologies such as Dynamic System, which maintains the organoleptic properties of fresh meat and its perfect display. We know that the refrigerated cabinet is an important work tool and so are its design furnishings which  are highly customisable in size and aesthetics. This is why we design a refrigerated cabinet complete with all the necessary accessories to best support operators of butcher shops and delicatessens in their daily work. Discover all the products for butchery, create what is most suited to you and complete your store with the complementary refrigerated solutions, to expand your offer!

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Guarantee perfect storage and display of fish with cutting-edge technologies: this is the mission of the Eurocryor brand. Thanks to the ability to choose between different finishes, Eurocryor branded refrigerated cabinets are able to furnish any store with design and modernity. For fish, EUROCRYOR also offers display cabinets (solutions) in stainless steel to guarantee maximum hygiene and durability of the furniture.

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Choose to increase impulse buying and cross merchandising with the self-service refrigerated cabinets, display islands and complimentary refrigerated furnishing. Eurocryor also offers vast possibilities of customisation and maximum enhancement of the displayed product with dedicated modules available with customised transparent backs, which guarantee natural brightness.

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Energy labelling - FAQ

To ensure the conformity and allow MSAs verifications, the manufacturer’s product documentation, EPREL declaration, Energy Label, CE declaration, sales order, and associated invoices, must relate to the specific product as it is placed on the market. This documentation shall include all the components/accessories influencing the EEI of the specific unit at the time of placing on the market.

The product modifications done after the placing on the market do not alter the energy label originally supplied by the manufacturer.

The European Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations do not prescribe any technical solution or product feature. However, The Ecodesign sets the minimum energy efficiency requirements and creates a selection of products according to their energy performance and the energy labels will drive the market to privilege the most efficient products with the best energy class. This will be the main driver of innovation.

The energy label must be clearly displayed in any point of sale of the refrigerating appliance with direct sales function, such as showrooms, trade fairs, online sales, etc., i.e. wherever the potential cabinet buyer may consider purchasing the appliance itself.

Regarding the position of the label, there is no precise requirement for the position but the fact that it shall be clearly visible at any time for the client.

There is no obligation for food retailers to display the energy label in their stores.

The QR code leads to the product information and energy label in the EPREL product database.

YES, the glycol cabinets are not excluded from the Regulations therefore they must bear the energy label.

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