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With Epta, the love for good food is at first sight. The Group, with its Eurocryor brand, is the ally of specialist shops, thanks to a range of refrigerated cabinets dedicated to the assortment of fresh foods and conceived to merge design with technologies to measure for each product category.


Aesthetics, visibility, and storage

Modern aesthetics, maximum visibility of products and correct storage: these are what Retailers look for when choosing cabinets to make the most of the quality and sensorial dimension of food. In this way, adequate presentation of the products in terms of visual merchandising, contributes to creating an interaction with the consumers, to encourage superior store loyalty and performance over time.


The display of foods is a competitive lever able to direct the decision-making process of buyers, influenced first and foremost by eye-catching appeal when choosing.


Pure Italian Style

The vast range of Eurocyror display cases of Pure Italian Style features the Stili family, ideal to tastefully furnish the flagship stores and specialist shops such as butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers, and pastry shops. A mix of solutions, from serve-over to self-service, from semi-vertical to tower, with extra clear glass and multi-coloured LED lighting to set according to the products on display, to attract the Customer’s eye. 


Quality is guaranteed using sophisticated technologies like the Adaptive System, for fresh foods such as dairy-products and pasta and the Dynamic System for cuts of meat. Two cutting-edge systems to regulate the parameters of the cabinet, maintaining its interior at the ideal conditions in terms of temperature and humidity for an unrivalled integrity and freshness of the range.


Eurocryor is refrigeration at a click

Eurocryor is refrigeration at a click, thanks to the touch screen user-friendly intuitive control panel. The device, developed together with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, allows food experts to set the operating functions of the refrigerated cabinets according to the category on display.


William Pagani, CMO of Epta declares “Eurocryor solutions are the result of a synergy between the different multidisciplinary teams geared to all-round excellence, where food freshness always remains the most attractive quality.”