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Epta Iberia collaborates in the realisation of the new Ametller Origen store in Barcelona. A space designed to take the freshness and authenticity of the products of the Ametller Farming Company to the customer. Since 1830, the Ametller family has taken care of its lands, respecting their natural properties, to offer customers fresh and healthy products, with high nutritional qualities that contribute to improving human health. From the producer to the consumer, comes Ametller Origen: a shop designed to ensure users the taste and quality of the foods, from the land to the shelf.

The Epta Iberia solutions merge perfectly with the philosophy of Casa Ametller, contributing to shape a functional space which maintains the freshness of the products displayed, whilst enhancing the biological nature. An innovative store, which enhances the tradition and in which the style works as a background to nature, thanks to GranVista Next Advance and Velvet Design branded Costan and to Impact branded Eurocryor.

The positive vertical cabinet GranVista Next Advance contributes to enhancing the freshness of the products, made even more visible by the full height transparent windows so customers can make their choice easily. A distinctive factor of these cabinets is also their reduced energy consumption: a further element of attention in the realisation of a sustainable store.

It is just as important to ensure foods maximum visibility as it is to reach them easily: to do so, Epta Iberia has proposed Impact Eurocryor, a cabinet that makes ergonomics its strong point, integrating the presentation of both self-service dairy products that are pre-packaged and those cut on impulse. Its functional design plays on different heights, designed ad hoc: the bottom part ensures maximum ease of access to customers who serve themselves independently and the upper part, formed by a closed transparent cabinet, is designed for storing cheese served by the staff.  

Furthermore, the design study of Velvet Design Costan contributes to giving a refined touch to the butchery department. The perfect proportion between the straight glazed surfaces and the wood finished structure enhances the meat cuts and ensures best visibility. A perfect solution to encourage the customer in their choice, whilst maintaining the authentic taste of Ametller products.

Finally, maximum respect for the environment is guaranteed by the choice of the Waterloop refrigeration system associated to all the cabinets, which transforms them into self-contained units and facilitates their integration with the HVAC system, to recover heat, which is reused to heat the store.

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