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Auchan chooses Epta for its new store in Csömör, Hungary

​On Wednesday, the 7th of September 2022, at 9am, time froze in Csömör. A pen drive with all the names and energy labels of the refrigerated cabinets by Epta installed in the newly opened Auchan store in Hungary was put in a time capsule. In the future, this story will be another example of success for the Group.

Sustainable technology in a “time capsule"

The term “time capsule" seems to date back to 1938 and is certainly not the first time it has been mentioned. But have you ever heard of a time capsule that is as big as a room? There is an actual “crypt of civilization" where among lighters, clothes, radios and gramophones lies the history of 1930s society.

The idea came from Thornwell Jacobs, Rector of Oglethorpe University, who wanted to preserve a memory of his time for future generations. Having an entire room at your disposal is not very easy, if you also consider the need to ensure that the contents are in suitable and favourable conditions for its preservation.

However, using a container designed to safeguard its contents – like a jar – and hiding it with the idea of leaving a trace of the present, a message or even a document, is a common practice.

Interestingly, it was in Hungary that a time capsule was found during the restoration of the Esztergom cathedral last year. In the cross at the top of the dome, inside a copper container, data relating to the construction of this sacred building was found – practically intact. 

Eco2Large refrigeration pack: a testimony of efficiency

In 2032, the capsule stored under the floor of the 13,000 m2 store opened by Michel Francois Guiot and István Fábri in Csömör will be opened and the pen drive will be retrieved to testify to the energy efficiency of today's Epta solutions. Why Epta? Because the Eco2Large transcritical CO2 pack is a sustainable technology that ensures maximum efficiency and reduced consumption for large shops. 

Refrigerated cabinets by Costan and Eurocryor: innovative design for perfect product visibility

The Costan solutions selected for the fresh product area meet the same parameters.

Some examples are the GranVista, GranValdaj and GranSibari cabinets with positive temperature, which are in class B and C, the top rankings in terms of energy labelling.

The GranBering Integral is likewise among the best-performing solutions for the frozen food area, if you are looking for the right balance between environmental friendliness, high performance and low costs.

The refrigerated cabinets mentioned, in addition to guaranteeing excellent visibility for all references, are characterised by a refined and innovative design. The Gemini cabinet, designed by Eurocryor and chosen for fresh food and pastries, stands out precisely because of the modern and unique touch given to the furnishing of the entire display area.


But these are just some of the Epta cabinets chosen for the new Auchan store.

The range of solutions offered by the Group is wide and is also characterised by the possibility of customisation and the reliability guaranteed by the expertise demonstrated by the team and the monitoring systems.

Together with data on Epta technologies, an anti-stress ball has also been enclosed in the capsule: because with Epta there is no reason to worry, neither today nor tomorrow.​

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