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Bonnet Névé alongside Intermarché for the “FabMag” store concept

Intermarché launches the new store concept “FabMag", and chooses Bonnet Névé to create the first concept store in Douvaine, in Haute Savoie. Speed in responding to the needs of Intermarché, thanks to the long-standing partnership with the Brand and the proposal of a complete range, able to integrate refrigerated cabinets, ad hoc EptaConcept and Click & Collect solutions: these are the principle motivations behind an excellent collaboration.

FabMag was created to meet the needs of modern consumers and, in particular, to allow young people to rediscover the pleasure of shopping. The supermarket of the future must therefore “take into account the impact of food on health, protect the environment and have a social role". Inside the store, the fresh products positioned at the entrance of Place des saveurs, the ready to eat dishes made on site with genuine ingredients to which is dedicated the En Cuisine area and the products that limit the use of packaging, such as the loose organic products, have a privileged role and take up 45% of the overall surface.  

The serve-over departments of the Butcher's, Cheese and Delicatessen products at the centre of Place des saveurs are a setting for the fruit and vegetables, which are also presented cut and ready for use. The departments are characterised by traditional cabinets Shape Design that alternate with the worktops the refrigerated towers Prisme and the vertical SkyView Plus used as rear counters. These cabinets by Bonnet Névé have been chosen with the goal of giving dynamism to the layout and rhythm to the spaces, to enhance the products and the artisan knowhow of the expert staff. The Cantina completes the area and stands out for the MultiWine Plus Bonnet Névé. A vertical cabinet recreates the atmosphere of a wine shop and ensures the best visibility of the local labels, stored at ideal temperatures and positioned on inclined shelves.

It is also strategic in the En Cuisine space, where take away foods are offered prepared in an internal laboratory and put on display with CrossOver Scene Eurocryor. It is a combined double chest cabinet which associates a classic serve-over area for assisted sale to a self-service area for products prepared and packaged in store such as traditional plates (meat, fish and side dishes) as well as classic salads, pizzas, quiches, for those who have little time to dedicate to cooking.

The “Fab Tab" is an interesting initiative to give Customers ideas and stimulate them to cook: three tables that display recipes for a starter, a main dish and a dessert that change every three weeks. All the ingredients and tools necessary to make the dishes are at hand and the refrigerated products are offered inside semivertical cabinets SkySpace  by Bonnet Névé, with a linear and essential design, to allow increased emphasis on the articles.

Inside a supermarket of 2200m², it is essential to guarantee the width of the aisles: Intermarché has particularly appreciated the compactness of the closed vertical cabinet for fresh products SkyView Plus  by Bonnet Névé, star of the self-service areas and, above all, the compactness of its end cabinets, equipped with 4 small doors of just 42 cm, to facilitate consumers.

Finally, to explore the new methods of interaction with Customers made available by technology, Intermarché has contacted Epta to develop the Click & Collect service with the refrigerated cabinets #EPTABricks​. This solution allows shoppers to collect the fresh, frozen and dry products, ordered on the Brand's website, 24 hours a day, even outside shop opening hours. In the parking area where they are positioned, there is an entry dedicated to the store, for fast last minute shopping. 

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