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Epta is taking part in the redevelopment of the former Manifatture Cotoniere Meridionali owned by Gianni Lettieri. This an area of more than 31,700 m2 over three levels where the first major shopping centre in Salerno was recently unveiled.

The Cotoniere has about 100 shops and a Conad store of 2,500 m2, where the solutions of the Epta brands Costan, Eurocryor and Misa contribute to promoting the fascia’s philosophy, based on unrivalled quality and product assortment.

To guarantee the  highest level of freshness and the best energy saving, Epta proposed its new transcritical CO2 FTE with remote tele-monitoring. This is an exclusive system that combines the possibility to use natural refrigeration even in hot climates, with the highest simplicity of installation and management: this innovative technology was developed by Epta to establish its position with Retailers as the invisible and integrated partner they need to continue to remain competitive.

As a new generation supermarket, the Conad at Le Cotoniere  offers something special in the Gastronomy, Bakery and Pizzeria areas which feature the traditional Panorama cabinets by Eurocryor, truly “panoramic” displays, that are enhanced by Torre, to highlight the wholesomeness of the constantly changing dishes that Conad’s chefs prepare with great skill. As a concrete expression of the claim “Buono perché fatto in casa Conad” [Good because it is home-made by Conad], the local specialties and the classics of Italian cuisine can be consumed in a dedicated area within the store, or at home.

The fine Scottona meats, along with the cuts that are most popular with consumers, are the stars of the Butcher’s area thanks to the Rossini Design by Costan, that really highlights the food’s freshness. The choice of cream coloured end cabinets and the white led lighting in the lower part of the panel, increase the contrast with the black wall of the department and attract the attention of consumers towards the products on display.

In the aisle of packaged products there is an explosion of colours, thanks to the Costan GranVista positive vertical cabinets. These glass cabinets are able to combine excellent performances in terms of energy saving with the highest visibility for food items, to promote a higher rotation of the  rich selection of fresh products.

An additional distinctive element of the store, in line with the aim of making the Conad at Le Cotoniere “a store with something extra compared to traditional shops”, is the open cheese factory, where Masters of the art of cheese-making produce on a daily basis delicacies like buffalo mozzarella, fiordilatte and crescenza, that are displayed like products in a jewellery store within a special Misa glass cold room that has three panoramic walls.

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