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E-Leclerc’s choices for commercial refrigeration

​Epta France and E-Leclerc, one of the largest hypermarket and supermarket chains in France, are liaising once again.

A success story between two great brands that for decades have been a guarantee of safety, reliability and innovation. 

Epta for commercial refrigeration at E-Leclerc

The first E-Leclerc shop opened its doors in Paris back in 1949 thanks to its founder, Édouard Leclerc

What prompted the bold entrepreneur to open the shop was the possibility of conducting social reform through commercial channels. The idea was to reduce costs and widen distribution to every social class and then, later on, increase his business. 

Soon, its brand spread throughout France and became the symbol of the country's first large retail chain. A tradition of almost 80 years with more than 560 shops in the country that this year are expanding thanks to a 6500 m2 store. 

It was Mr Zuddas and his son who, after one and a half years of planning, finally cut the red ribbon and inaugurated the new store in Arès.

For the E-Leclerc in Arès, the Zuddas family chose Epta France with EptaConcept in support of the Bonnet Névé team. 

Visualis display refrigerator: a solution with an elegant, ergonomic and sustainable design

These two excellences are in synergy to furnish a new display area under the banner of ergonomicsefficiencysustainabilityelegance and innovation

The answers to all these needs are the Visualis display refrigerators of the Stili range by Eurocryor, for butchery, gastronomy and bakery.

The ideal solution in terms of modernity and ergonomics. A model suitable for those who prefer creative merchandising and an appealing gastronomy area. 

A natural refrigerant for the refrigerated cabinets by Eurocryor

The corner dedicated to the preparation and sale of sushi is promoted to their best by the Country Sushi plug-in from the Elementi range by Eurocryor.

This refrigerated cabinet works with R290 natural refrigerant and is equipped with a mirror back. This allows the food on display to be reflected and ensures that the products are enhanced.

The LS vertical refrigerated cabinets by Bonnet Névé: great visibility and performances for fresh and frozen products

Technology and exclusive design are also rewarded in the self-service areas. This time, the choice was Bonnet Névé, with its vertical and semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets with positive and negative temperature, characterised by unique energy performances. 

The SkySpaceSkyView and SkyLight ranges of the SkyEffect family thus dictate the paradigms of these sales areas. An aesthetic homogeneity that embodies taste, but also promises maximum product visibility.

The refinement and high performances of the entire E-Leclerc of Arès are also ensured in the frozen food departments thanks to the Cosmos Eco Reverse and SkyShine cabinets, also by Bonnet Névé. 

Epta and E-Leclerc, two partners, one goal: to revolutionise large-scale distribution together under the banner of quality.

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