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EUROCRYOR and COSTAN refrigerated cabinets for the new Donnybrook Fair store.

​The Eurocryor and Costan branded refrigerated cabinets furnish the new Donnybrook Fair store in Dublin, Ireland. The supermarket chain entrusted itself to Cross Group and Epta UK to realise it's most recent store.


Refrigerated cabinets for the Food Market of Dublin

The goal of this ambitious project was to create a large sales area with a bar and a restaurant. Here, the chefs prepare elaborate recipes with the high-quality ingredients offered in the Food Market.

Epta UK and the partner Cross Group proposed refrigerated cabinets able to give the store a unique visual identity.


Refrigerated display cases: Twin Midi SV by Eurocryor

The semi-vertical Twin Midi SV self-service unit by Eurocryor stands out among the most elegant and functional solutions. The refrigerated display case ensures an elevated level of personalisation.

Twin Midi SV, customised to the millimetre, has been expertly designed and installed around a structural pillar.

This has allowed to make the best use of the space available and guarantee freshly prepared dishes the highest visibility.

The stone effect finishes in Dekton® Khalo and the transparencies of the upper area contribute to increasing the charm of the refrigerated counter.


Panorama: the tradition of refrigerated cabinets is reinvented. 

The traditional Panorama Eurocryor refrigerated cabinet is also worthy of note. It is characterised by discreet lines and the all-glass structure without uprights.

These details increase the versatility of Panorama, which was selected to ensure the aesthetic harmony of different corners.

For example, Panorama enhances fresh fish on a bed of ice, gastronomy and products at ambient and hot temperatures, thanks to dedicated versions.


Eurocryor and Costan refrigerators: a journey through flavour

To finish, the semi-vertical Gemini refrigerated cabinet by Eurocryor and the vertical GranVista Next refrigerated cabinet by Costan contribute to offering the customers of Donnybrook Fair “a real gastronomic adventure".

In detail, Gemini furnishes the butcher's department and puts on show the finest cuts of meat. The vertical GranVista Next Costan display cases run along the perimeter of the store and have been chosen to present pre-packaged meat and dairy products.


Epta UK, trusted refrigeration partner

Dermot O'Connell, Manager of Donnybrook Fair, declares: “We have enhanced the display of the fresh products of our store and made the purchasing experience of our customers unique. This is made possible thanks to the support and experience of Cross Group and the choice of Epta UK as trusted refrigeration partner".

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