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New look by Epta for Conad Le Befane

C.I.A, cooperative of the Conad group, once again places its trust in the Epta Group to renovate the store of approx. 6,000 m2 located inside Le Befane, Rimini's main shopping centre, a place for all those who love to combine a shopping trip and quality time. Le Befane is a meeting place in which to enjoy free time in total relaxation.

The store is characterised by a minimal and essential design with effective visual communication that makes it possible to instantly recognise the products displayed thanks to a clever use of colour variations. This strategy finds its maximum expression in the fresh goods department where the Rossini Design by Costan stands out. Thanks to their versatility and modularity, it has been possible to choose one type of traditional cabinet to present all product families. In dark or light wood, or in different other shades, the finishes added to the design after installation contribute to simplifying the product merchandising: from the meat department to cheese passing through the ready-to-eat range. As well as the Rossini, the Kite B Eurocryor island designed to make the delicious dishes of the hot and cold gastronomy stands out, designed for those who have no time to cook but don't want to give up on home-cooked tastes.

Rossini Tower by Costan is the star of the Meat department. It was designed to guarantee the best preservation and enhancement of choice cuts, thanks to an all-glass structure.

Costan excellence is at home in the superstore with cabinets from the GranFit, GranVista Next family, in both Open and Closed version for fresh packaged goods, and GranBering, the vertical for frozen products. The solutions amaze with their straight crystalline glass and LED lighting, guaranteeing an excellent view of the displayed products. The Conad range is completed by the Misa branded positive temperature glazed cold room, positioned in the fresh department.

Aesthetic elegance and special attention to environmental protection are the distinguishing features of the superstore. Conad has opted for Epta solutions with a high level of sustainability, like the NT CO2 system with recovery of heat for maximum reduction in energy consumption, and the high performing GRANFIT Costan cabinets that are certified Eurovent A+.

Finally, the store has been fitted with the Eptaservice monitoring service. It is operational 24/7, to guarantee predictive diagnostics and interventions in the regulation of the system parameters, for the security of the energy and operating efficiency.


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