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Epta presents its range dedicated to fridge technicians, with its sub-brands EptaTechnica and EptaService, at SIFA 2023, Interprofessional Refrigeration and its Applications Trade Show. Synonymous with the technological expertise of the Group, they interpret sustainable innovation as a system in which technical solutions and refrigeration services converge. Scheduled from 10 to 12 October in Paris – Porte de Versailles – the event alternates the exhibition of important technological innovations with conferences and technical-legislative insights, also organised at the Epta stand.


Fridge technicians, protagonists of the cold chain in France

In the Hexagon, the fridge technicians, protagonists of the cold chain, are the trait-d’union between the manufacturers of technical equipment for commercial refrigeration and Retailers. Thanks to their key role, also in facilitating tangible energy transition, Epta presents a services package to support these professionals throughout the lifecycle of its solutions, namely store design, cabinet installation up to after-sales.


Modularity and customisation, at the heart of EptaTechnica

Simple, ingenious, efficient in any climate: modularity and customisation are at the heart of EptaTechnica, which allow it to develop System Engineering solutions, namely refrigeration systems and packs, efficient and ideal at any latitude and with a modular design, to create numerous configurations to customise according to Retailers’ specific needs.

On show, Eco2Middle, with flexibility that makes the refrigeration pack suitable for insertion into a vast range of application environments and the ETE subcooler which guarantees an annual reduction of energy consumption between 15 and 23% and of emissions up to 20%, compared to the traditional CO2 systems.


Multiple benefits thanks to EptaService

EptaService offers quality services, provided according to the guiding principle of “Great Expertise at Your Service”. The consulting activity of EptaService presents itself with a new formula, which includes new digital services to access Epta’s Digital Hub and the advanced diagnostic platform SwitchON dedicated to remote cabinets and refrigeration packs and LineON dedicated to plug-ins, integral cabinets and cold rooms.


SwitchON and LineON by EptaService: for always-ON refrigeration

SwitchON and LineON by EptaService are solutions for always-ON refrigeration.

SwitchON is the platform for remote cabinets and refrigeration packs which allows to carry out remote diagnostics for perfect preservation of products.

The digital solution integrates a remote monitoring system which enables the analysis of different parameters such as temperature, humidity and defrosting and timely detection, in real time, of any anomalies and faults. Finally, SwitchON supports fridge technicians with an intuitive guide, effective in solving malfunctions while guaranteeing fast management of troubleshooting processes.

LineON, on the other hand, is a technology which allows to analyse the technical performance and the sales performance of plug-in cabinets, to process data reports on check-ups and geolocate the furnishings, thanks to the alert which signals possible movements.