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Macelleria Pucci chooses Eurocryor meat refrigerator displays

Epta gives new life to the historic premises of Macelleria Pucci thanks to its Eurocryor branded solutions. A shop which has become a point of reference for the residents of Terni, thanks to its authentic and original offer, the result of 60 years of experience in pork butchery.

With Eurocryor, the shop transforms into a place where the essence of tradition merges with the technology of the future to ensure best preservation and visibility of the products.

The history of Macelleria Pucci begins in the 1960s when meat arrives to the homes of Italians, thanks to the economic boom. At that time, Ugo Pucci takes the opportunity and embarks on the profession of butcher, opening a first specialised shop with his brothers in the centre of Terni.

Excellent results are followed by increased goals: the Pucci family decide to take over the business of a livestock trader in the liberty neighbourhood of the town. This is how the current Macelleria Pucci came to life, where the assortment also extends to fresh pasta and cured meats.

Eurocryor meat display refrigerator: tailor-made solutions

Today, the young businessman Andrea Pucci, son and grandson of pork butchers, entrusts himself to the Epta meat display refrigerators to complete his father's project. The idea is to renew the shop to transform it into a contemporary bistro.

A new identity, which reflects a slower lifestyle, perfectly reflected by the tailor-made Eurocryor solutions created to enhance the unique offer of the shop.

Bistrot: meat display refrigerator with integrated meat maturing cabinet

Mortadella and artisan sliced meats are perfectly on show inside the Bistrot meat display refrigerator of the Stili family. The refrigerator presents a ventilated section designed ad hoc for fresh pasta, prepared directly on site. 

A furnishing with extra-clear glassLED lighting and the upward tilting Windows Opening superstructure enhance the natural freshness of the products. Bistrot is harmoniously integrated with the Meat maturing tower, a stage for locally sourced grilling meat.

A cutting-edge meat refrigerator display

A captivating look for the shop, which is well-matched with cutting-edge technologies, such as Dynamic System and Adaptive System.

The two innovations maintain unchanged the organoleptic characteristics of high-quality cuts. They also limit the fall of the average weight to 0.12% in 24 hours (compared to the average 3% with a ventilated system). Thanks to the integrated night curtain it is possible to store the products inside the chilled display cabinet without having to put it into the cold room overnight.

The story of Macelleria Pucci, begun more than 60 years ago, continues, thanks to Eurocryor, with a multi-faceted neighbourhood shop. Not only a trusted butcher's, but also a meeting place for friends. A place designed to transmit a new way of living the 21st century city, under the banner of slow living.


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