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Meat display refrigerators: Epta’s solutions for Marfisi Carni excellence

Marfisi Carni is a byword for excellence in quality and service. For this reason, it relies on Epta with its innovative solutions and the high aesthetic value of its Eurocryor, Costan and Misa brands.


1940s: Angiolino Marfisi is a cattle trader. He cannot yet imagine the success that his family business is soon destined to achieve.


The first fruits of his dedication and commitment arrived as early as the second half of the 1970s. In fact, at that very time, the Marfisi business finally had a home, a real butcher's shop of its own. By that time, the second generation was already involved, but it was only with the eldest son Antonino that the whole family began to dedicate itself to the business.


Between the 1980s and 1990s, the Marfisi family inaugurated a beef processing plant of no less than 1000 square metres. But it didn't end there: its growth was exponential.


Today, with a 30,000 m2 breeding facility and a 5,000 m2 production plant, there are 120 employees able to guarantee an offer of no less than 485 products. In this way alone, Marfisi is able to satisfy the demand of 815 stores throughout Italy.


The essential characteristics of meat display refrigerators

In 2022, Marfisi Carni decided to open a new company shop adjacent to the historic wholesale site. We are in Lanciano and we are talking about a store that is no less than 500 m2. At its entrance, cuts of meat from every corner of the earth stand out.


Therefore, meat display refrigerators must respond to a fundamental criterion: the appropriate enhancement of the products and the store. In other words, the right combination of maximum product visibility, efficiency and refined design.


Display refrigerators by Eurocryor for the display of meat products

Epta, with its Eurocryor brand, proposes the elegant minimalism of the Stili range and installs Panorama and Gemini.


The former is a discreet refrigerated cabinet with an all-glass structure and lacquered decoration, which guarantees optimal display of products also thanks to Dynamic System, Epta's patented technology applied to Eurocryor meat refrigerated cabinets. It allows goods to be left in the cabinets for several days, without having to store them in the cold rooms overnight, while maintaining the organoleptic and aesthetic characteristics of the products unaltered.


Gemini semi-vertical cabinets extend the available display volume in height. They prove to be the ideal solution to complete the fresh food area and make products become the true protagonists. 


Improved performance, optimised consumption and preservation of the organoleptic properties of meat are further advantages guaranteed by Epta technologies.


Vertical refrigerated cabinets by Costan: performance and aesthetics

The journey into the world of Marfisi continues, discovering a careful selection of pre-packed products.


The Group supplied two refrigerated cabinets with full-height doors by Costan: the exclusive GranBering and the plug and play GranVista Integral in Class B.


The former combines high energy performance with a modern and sophisticated layout. The GranVista Integral, on the other hand, is characterised by a considerable load capacity and a refined, striking aesthetic line.


Misa aging cold room for the finest products

As far as the processing and storage areas are concerned, Misa builds a meat aging cold room. In order to showcase the finest products, the cold room has a glass wall.


Marfisi Carni is a name that tells of more than eighty years of family tradition towards the highest quality standards. The meat and products put on the market every day are genuine and safe, made with the best ingredients and the most innovative technologies.

This is why the Epta Group is proud to contribute to such an enterprise.


The collaboration between the Marfisi family and Epta is based on solid principles. A byword for the highest quality now and for future generations.



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