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Epta with its Eurocryor and Misa brands, is a partner of the course “Dalla stalla al piatto: le conoscenze del macellaio moderno per garantire la qualità” (From farm to fork: the knowledge of the modern butcher to ensure quality). The lessons are proposed by Federcarni Confcommercio to encourage training and professional development at a distance and are available on the new Federcarni Academy e-learning platform.

The project is intended for members of Federcarni Confcommercio, butcher department staff and the students of the Degree Course in Safety and quality of livestock production of the University of Bologna. Developed with the collaboration of Federcarni Partners, which include Epta, the plan obtained the Sponsorship of the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna and boasts the scientific coordination of Prof. Marco Tassinari of Unibo.

The programme is organised in 8 modules for a total of 20 hours of online training, held by teachers who are experts in their respective spheres of competence. It is an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss with participants and includes experts of Gruppo Epta who dealt with a structured module in three lessons that focused on different themes.

Stefano Trabucchi, Epta Innovation Centre Engineer, proposed an insight into the refrigeration principles and the operation of the cold system, Alberto Questori, Misa Specialized Brand Manager, presented the importance of the quality of storage inside cold rooms and Marika Emanueli, Eurocryor Product Manager, handled the correct display of meat inside the chilled cabinets and the best technologies for enhancing its freshness.