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Tradition meets innovation in the Muraro butcher shop in Cisterna di Latina with Eurocryor and Bonnet Névé solutions

Warm atmosphere, in a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, the butcher shop of the Muraro family of Cisterna di Latina, Central Italy, renews design and technologies relying on Epta once again to enhance the vast choice of prime cuts and gastronomic preparations. In the passage from father to son, the historical shop transforms into a setting where aesthetics and functionality are perfectly balanced, thanks to the collaboration between Epta and De Angelis Projects & Design.


The proposal of De Angelis, long-standing partner of Epta specialised in turnkey furnishings for butcher shops, restaurants and delicatessens, responds to the request of the client for a shop in which classical elements co-exist with a more contemporary style. The solid oak wood of the furniture, the exposed beams and the brick walls give a rustic touch to the location, while the glass and the dark metal of the front of the Eurocryor refrigerated cabinets recall a more contemporary style. The result is a mix of influences that enhances the artisan quality of the offer.


Another challenge met successfully thanks to the contribution of Epta is the reorganisation of the layout to optimise space and make the shop more welcoming. Eurocryor has provided traditional refrigerated cabinets Bistrot WO, ideal to display meats, preparations, dairy products and ready-made dishes. The perfect proportion between glass surfaces and structure enhances the products and the patented Dynamic System technology ensures maximum freshness. It is designed specifically to maintain the organoleptic properties of the meats that may remain on display for several days without it being necessary to put them back into coldrooms overnight. The moisture value is always optimal, for a reduction in the average weight loss of the products and a maximisation of sales revenues.


Finally, to guarantee consumers an even more complete assortment, Epta has proposed the versatility of the vertical refrigerated cabinet SkyView of Bonnet Névé, positioned in a recess at the entrance, to make better use of the space. The glass terminal ends and the frameless full-glass doors make it ideal to highlight fresh pasta, sauces, beverages and packaged products, promoting cross-selling

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